Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus Blend Yeast

by Escarpment Labs

A blend of L. brevis and L. plantarum for use in kettle/quick sours.

Sours your wort within 24 hours. Compared to Lacto Blend 2.0, may produce a sharper acidity with a more classic kettle sour profile. This blend is designed to be usable at a wide range of temperatures and is especially suited for kettle souring/sour worting. We recommend pre-acidifying wort to 4.5 with lactic acid, then pitching the Lactobacillus blend in a CO2-purged kettle or fermentor at 32-42ºC.

Attenuation N/A
Flocculation N/A
Optimum Fermentation Temp 32-42°C (90-108°F)
Alcohol Tolerance N/A