Rapt Pill Wireless Charge Coil/Weights Only

by KegLand

Secondary install kit for the RAPT pill wireless charging kit. If you already have the RAPT pill wireless charging kit but have a second RAPT pill you want to charge wirelessly, this handy kit will allow you to upgrade your second RAPT pill to be able to be charged wirelessly without having to purchase a second wireless charging kit. 

No need to take your RAPT Pill housing apart for charging! Or even to connect to the RAPT Captive Portal.

If the green light does not flash green (captive portal open), it means your battery is insufficiently charged. Leave your pill on the charging pad (not included in this kit) for 24 hours or until it is fully charged (red light turns off). Then lift the Pill on and off the charging pad and it will activate the captive portal (green light will start to flash)