Yeast - White Labs WLP007 English Dry Next Gen

by White Labs

Now with more yeast, get a foolproof fermentation without a starter. Following a commercially recommended pitching rate allowing you to pitch like the pros!

This yeast is known for its high attenuation, achieving 80% even with 10% ABV beers. The high attenuation eliminates residual sweetness, making the yeast well-suited for high gravity ales and clean, well-attenuated beer styles. This strain has become a go-to house strain for American breweries due to its clean profile and high attenuation. It’s an ideal strain for American and English hoppy beers as well as malty ambers, porters and brown ales. This strain can be a substitute for WLP001 California Ale Yeast

ATTENUATION  70% - 80%
ALCOHOL TOLERANCE Medium - High (8-12%)
FERMENTATION TEMP. 18-21°C (65-70°F)
STA1 Negative

American IPA • Barleywine • Blonde Ale • Brown Ale • Cider • Double IPA • Dry Mead • English Bitter • English IPA • Gin • Hazy/Juicy IPA • Imperial Stout • Old Ale • Pale Ale • Porter • Red Ale • Sake • Scotch Ale • Stout • Sweet Mead • Vodka • Whiskey   

Levure - White Labs WLP007 English Dry

Levure propre, très floconnante et très atténuée. Cette levure a un profil de saveur similaire à WLP002, mais est 10% plus atténuante. Ceci élimine la douceur résiduelle et rend la levure bien adaptée aux ales de haute gravité. Il atteint également rapidement la gravité terminale. Une atténuation de 80% sera atteinte même avec 10% de bières ABV.