About Us

Welcome to Best Case Wholesale

We specialize in supplying useful and niche products for the DIY ferment-at-home market that are typically difficult to find in the Canadian Market.

We started Best Case Wholesale in 2008 because, as retailers that owned multiple stores, we struggled to find the beer ingredient kits OR innovative products we desired. As all grain brewers ourselves, we were frustrated on how difficult it was in Canada to find ingredients or equipment that was available in markets globally.

First, our team developed and launched the Best Case beer kit line. We started making ‘intermediate level’ ingredient beer kits and quickly found that other retailers were interested in carrying these products as well.

This solved the initial problem of sourcing ingredients, but we still had little access to the various equipment available outside our region. From there we started sourcing other new and cool items directly from various manufactures around the globe.

Our team started to notice other kits, accessories, and ingredients that we believed would interest fellow hobbyists and started distributing many products which we found be difficult to source in the Canadian market.   

Today, we are the exclusive Canadian distributor of ‘The Grainfather’, Mangrove Jack’s Beer and Cider Kits, the entire Still Spirits line along with many more innovative products. We also distribute SS Brewtech equipment and accessories, and an abundance of Kegland equipment for the Canadian market. We supply a variety of Cider kits, a variety of flavouring items, essences, oak chips and cubes along with many other products and equipment. Our team is constantly researching and sourcing new and exciting products from the horizon, that would be valuable to the Canadian Market.  

The Best Case wholesale team is dedicated to providing stellar customer service, quickly responding to emails and phone calls for trouble shooting or even for discussing new and exciting products. This great service is available in both French and English.

If you are a retailer looking to appeal to the true DIY hobbyist, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a customer looking for any of the products you see, check out our “list of retailers” to find the one nearest you. You could even ask your local retailer to consider carrying some of our new and unique listings available from Best Case Wholesale.

Best Case Wholesale Team